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The Morandi Colors Are Coming For The Neon Color Trends Crown

December 3, 2019 15:57

Without exaggerating, it is safe to say that the neon color trend has successfully crept into our closets in the past two years. Scrolling through your Instagram feed it has probably been impossible to not see a pop of neon on your feed. From neon green to neon orange, we have all picked up at least one item that sports this bright look. As we can see from the street style photos at fashion weeks and the runways, all the way to people's daily outfit, neon colors have developed from something people would rarely wear because it's too daring, to a staple piece in every person’s wardrobe. Fashion is about having fun with no limits, and with neon, you can really make a statement, so Title fully embraces this trend.

The color game is about to change, the Morandi colors are coming for us in 2020. This color scheme originates from the color palette of the famous Italian painter Giorgio Morandi (July 20, 1890 – June 18, 1964). The Morandi colors are a careful balance of subdued colors and subtle tones, giving you a feeling of sensitive, gentle emotion with a touch of luxury.

Giorgio Morandi, Natura Morta

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Color is a way to transfer emotions and feelings. Different from the bright and wild neon colors that are more like a punch in your face, the Morandi colors have a more calming and soothing effect, providing a slightly mysterious mood.

After the hot wave of neon reigning throughout 2018 and 2019, it seems many brands are calming down now for the Morandi mood instead. For 2020 we predict a take over of the Morandi color scheme. It's especially interesting to see how menswear is joining this pastel route in the SS20 collections.


Some people might debate these Morandi colors or pastel colors are not "manly" enough. With your own personal styling, these colors can be romantic, sophisticated, luxurious, and even cool and edgy. We live in 2k19, color has no gender!