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Swsh - Absolutely hypnotized by the overall effect of her musical sound

April 22, 2020 15:04

Anyone who hears SWSH for the first time is absolutely hypnotized by the overall effect of her musical sound. Lyrics with real words and situations. Words that exactly reflect the emotional state and situations we've all been in once. And on top of that, a captivatingly strong voice underlined by incomparable R&B and Hip-Hop sounds.

But SWSH is not only a special artist, she also has a story to tell.

In a world where self-esteem is dependent on the amounts of likes you get and individuality is a trend, true authenticity is rare. Like SWSH, whose name is inspired by a sound (yes, y’all are thinking of the right one!).

Recently, the 22-year-old artist infatuated music-lovers with her performance at Colors Studios Berlin. Her song ''How you feel'' finally puts the thoughts we all think but never express into words.

Just like her current single ''Tell me'' - which defines many different- almost bipolar, expressions of love. But hey, that’s EXACTLY how we are, right? We hate and love at the same time.

SWSH is not afraid to be exactly who she is and to tell the world what´s going through her mind.

The singer, rapper and producer was born and raised in LA and learned chords shortly after they learned their first words. At the age of five they started playing the piano. Shortly after followed the bass and the guitar. But she is not the only musical raw diamond in the family. Through parental support (especially from her father, who supports her not only mentally but also on the drums), the garage became the safe haven of her first musical attempts.

Artists like Blink-182 and Jackson Browne were permanent guests of her iPod. That was until SWSH was introduced to Hip-Hop for the first time. In an earlier interview she explains: "The second I listened to Hip-Hop, it was like, 'Wow, I love music.' It felt more like art than anything else, more abstract and different. Everything else was just straight-up bands. I'm glad I was not like one of those people who talked about Hip-Hop like there's no soul in it! Where are the fucking instruments! They're stealing samples! 'Please.‘'

She has her coming out in 8th grade and mentioned that 'people would just treat me different'. Due to her self-confidence and her circle of friends she enjoyed the high school experience anyways and social hierarchies did not apply to her.

She released her debut EP "Soup" online without a record label. "Soup", which lives up to its name, sounds like a musical bouillabaisse made of different sounds and emotions. The only collaborator on her EP is J.KELR, who is part of the Blended Babies and produces songs for Anderson. Paak. In the product she combines various elements and genres like rap, vocals, R&B with real instruments and differentiated samples.

The sound is meant to be "free and independent".

Even her styling is unique. Androgynous and comfortable with a hint of hippie flair. According to SWSH, she is not 'really big in fashion like that'. She wears what she wants. Just like she is producing music.

Find out everything about her music on our playlist: TITLE´S MOST WANTED

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