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Here we go again, peeps ! Another week, another Sit In On Friday. We hope you enjoyed our last week’s emotional rollercoaster with LIE NING. We are ready for the next round. Hope you too.

Let’s get it in with this Friday’s representer: CHU.

After lending her smooth vocals to several artists over the past months (Pat Lok, Maxe, Sonny Alven) Chu is all focused on her debut EP right now. The London based singer, DJane and multi instrumentalist was first discovered by Atlantic Records NY at the young age of 14 and has been writing for many international artists ever since. 

Born in ’97, the daughter of a German mother and a Cameroonian father discovered her love for music very early on eventually leading to her dropping out of Highschool to pursue her dreams and perfect her craft.

Signing to Sony RCA for Chu’s own artist project in November of last year, it seems like it is finally time for the versatile singer to share more of her own sound. Chu is currently producing and writing new material that she can’t wait to share with the world.

TITLE: First of all, of course, we want to know from you what True Identity means to you ? 

CHU: True Identity to me means being who you are when no one is looking and living your truth even with people around. We get so caught up in chasing things we believe to be important cause everyone else is doing them - when oftentimes they don’t make us feel alive one bit. True Identity is reflecting and listening to your intuition over everything else and telling your own authentic story. Because its the only thing you have, really.

TITLE: You are an all-round creative. You’re a DJane, write songs and sing to name just a few things. What would you define as your main job or what would you like to do most ? 

CHU: My main job is being a musician most definitely, its what I know best and music is my biggest passion. But I believe we are all so much more than just one creative expression and learning new things and diving into unknown territory will forever be part of my personality. So there’s not a thing I like to do most, because its about the mixture of it all that makes it so exciting.

TITLE: What inspires you most about Berlin? And what did the city add to your individual sound ? 

CHU: I love how slow everything is moving in Berlin, at least compared to London. I like the many cafes and parks and this chilled hippie type of vibe. Sound wise Berlins dark techno scene has definitely had an impact on me and some of my music.

TITLE: We have all been isolated since the middle of March. How has the quarantine treated you so far ? 

CHU: At first it was incredibly difficult to be honest. I am very active and always have a busy schedule and I feel stressed out and lazy if I don’t do a thousand things a day. Being forced to put the brakes on was hard but once I accepted it, I started to really enjoy isolation. It almost feels like returning to my roots and reassessing my scheme of life. Im currently learning to simply exist.

TITLE: And how does the current situation influence your creative process ? 

CHU: For the first time in a long time I started writing only for myself. Without thinking about what people might want to hear and the pressures of my music being ‘successful’. This is a healing process for me, as writing had almost become a duty. So now I just do it when I feel like it and without any expectations to the outcome at all. And ironically so far Im in love with what Ive written!

TITLE: What are your musical or creative goals for the next few years ? 

CHU: I want to make authentic music, that I am proud of. Thats probably the main goal. To stay true to myself. Of course I hope to gain true fans along the way and play sold out shows, travel the world for my music and work with some of the people I admire. But all of that means nothing if the songs I’m singing don’t come from a real place within me. That to me is real success.

TITLE: Was there a musical experience, a concert or a performance that touched your soul ? 

CHU: There have been many to be honest. But one of the more recent ones was seeing Nai Palm from Hiatus Kayote play a 2 hour show with only her electric guitar was definitely one of them. Everyone in the venue was under her spell - she didn’t need a fancy stage show or a complex band arrangement to touch me. I found that incredibly inspiring.

TITLE: What are you doing on your first Friday after quarantine ? 

CHU: Good question… if the weather is good probably go to a lake with my friends or spontaneously fly somewhere… or just sit in a bar til the sun comes up…

TITLE: Let’s dig a bit deeper: do you think that you can ever be aware of your True Identity or that self-development is a fluid process that doesn’t really stop ? 

CHU: Self development is definitely a fluid process and you’re never done learning and growing. But I think being aware of your inner workings and in tune with your intuition at all times during your life will make this process a lot easier. Its hard to not lose sight of our truth in a world that is moving so freaking fast but you need to give yourself time to reflect. And it can be a very painful thing from time to time, because admitting to oneself that what you’re doing, who you’re with or what you thought you want doesn’t actually feel right, is very scary. But its always worth it and will bring you closer to your true identity.

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