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PSSBL - The Berlin bag label that combines activism, pragmatism and trend awareness.

January 24, 2021

For today's feature, we took a look at the sustainable brand PSSBL from Berlin. What is so special about PSSBL? That's easy to answer. With their innovative designs, the team behind PSSBL creates the perfect fashionable addition to your everydaylife. Whether it's the practical "Day Pack" or the small, minimalist"Hip Bag". The design is an all-rounder and goes with almosteverything. The formats are designed to store laptops and work materials welland sustainability is the label's top priority. “We see sustainability asessential and not a trend or a duty. At PSSBL we want to leave a positivefootprint - and if we can make something better, we will. We strive for one ofthe most sustainable productions and participate in upcycling of ocean plasticfor our fabric.”


The brand has roots in Hong Kong and was founded in 2018. The design of the individual pieces is geared towards life in a modern, urban culture and thus has high demands on functionality, sustainability and minimalist design. The new unisex collection is deliberately designed for the active and fast-paced city life. The collection consists of 100 % recycled fabric. In this fabric, 5 to 50 PET bottles are reused. All products are manufactured under good working conditions and are consciously designed to last a lifetime. In addition, the packaging is also designed from recycled materials.


The brand's sustainability concept extends from production to logistics to the selection of individual fabrics. The entire production chain is watched, and care is taken to ensure that it is the best possible for the planet.


In addition, PSSBL is actively combating the environmental problems caused by plastic pollution and is working together with a Cambodian-based NGO that has set itself the goal of combating environmental pollution. On the ground, PSSBL supports the clean-up efforts in the regions around the Tonlé Sap as part of the "Plastic Catch Project".

In other words, stylistically an all-rounder, easy to handle in practice, and the sustainability aspect plays a major role. So why not buy such a beautiful piece to be perfectly equipped for the modern urban jungle.

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