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The Italian luxury-goods house, Prada and the
industry-leading sportswear brand adidas have joined forces to start a new collaborative
journey. The aim of this partnership is to investigate the realms of heritage, technology and
innovation – and to challenge conventional wisdom through unexpected strategies. The
new vision draws inspiration from the rich legacies of both to re-engineer timeless icons,
and leverages the houses’ technological footprint to innovate. The path is an evolving and
dynamic structure composed of key milestones, marking a significant departure from
existing patterns while building on the houses’ strong milieu of shared approaches and

A joint passion for the universe of sport is at the heart of this creative partnership. The Luna
Rossa sailing team, established in 1997 and heralding Prada’s participation in the America’s
Cup – the oldest trophy in sport and the most prestigious international sailing competition
– is the perfect laboratory to test new materials and technology, and offers the ideal
conditions to perfect the science of sailing.Throughout its history, adidas has been a pioneer of sporting innovation and precision
technology, and the brand’s performance-driven pedigree has made it a global icon. At the
same time, Prada’s iconicity resides in the interplay between form and function, luxury and
utility, and the ability to juxtapose different ideologies. The intersection between these two
separate worlds, further reinforced by the houses’ relentless pursuit of excellence,
inevitably points to a new singularity. At its zenith, this collective effort will result in the
release of the new Luna Rossa performance sailing footwear, to be unveiled in 2020.
The houses have also begun to explore their monumental archives. The first step of this
shared journey will debut this year, with the release of two limited-edition Prada for adidas
styles that draw on the rich patrimony and iconography of both labels, representing a
tribute to timeless classics. Originating in the realm of sport, transposed to street style and
now translated to luxury, classics from each are here re-contextualized, visited anew. The
first iteration will launch for men and womenglobally in December 2019, marking a special partnership in both creation and
manufacture, as these limited-edition styles will be made entirely by Prada in Italy.
With each partner bringing a unique perspective to a conversation founded on mutual
exploration and the search for new boundaries, Prada for adidas is a laboratory for ideas, a
new vehicle for creativity.

Foot District explains that their own version of the upcoming Prada x adidas collab is a perfect assemblage of the Prada Cloudbust upgraded to a whole new level with the help of the Boost tech and aesthetic input from  adidas.

As most of you have heard by now, an adidas x Prada partnership is in the works. Although no images of the footwear have leaked just yet, sneaker retailerFoot District has created a rendering of what they feel the upcoming Prada x adidas sneaker should look like.

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