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This week’s artist appreciation goes out to British-Nigerian wordsmith Little Simz. Contrary to popular belief, creating in-depth rap lyrics is hard to do. In times of mumble rap and meaningless verses with made-up words, a solid hip hop artist is hard to come by. Little Simz definitely belongs in that category. Not only is her flow impeccable, but she also tells stories that reflect real events from her life. 

Twenty-five-year old Simbi Ajikawo was raised in London, by her mother, who she worships. She started rapping at the young age of nine walking around the streets of London performing on any mic she could find. After a brief acting career in her teens, Simz stucked with music and pursued a degree in music technology at the University of West London. Soon after, she committed herself fully to her music career and quit University to pursue music. Simz classified herself as someone who follows her own path no matter what other people might have to say about it. She told Vice Magazine, “100% my vibe was ‘I’m just doing my thing,’ literally. And as much as it may be shocking to people that I’m indie and doing music if you know me from when I was little I’ve always moved in a way that is independent. I’ve always done my own thing”. The music along with her free mindset have gotten Simz far in the industry. Praise from big names such as Kendrick Lamar and Jay-Z, a tour with the Gorillaz and collars with them and the iconic Lauren Hill have jump-started Simz’s already flourishing career as an independent artist. Free from the shackles of a music label, Simz has managed to spread the good word of her music on her own.

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Simz’s most recent album “Grey Area” came straight from within. From hit songs like “101 FM” to the deep-rooted lyrics in “Wounds”, the album is a honest look inside her soul. Simz has mentioned before, that therapy is not for her, however, music has become very therapeutic for the mid-twenties rapper. This can hear it in each and every one of her songs: no fluff, no bullshit, just pure Simz realness.

Listen to her single 101 FM here: