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How sending nudes saves Australia´s wildlife

January 11, 2020 15:09

Australia is burning. In recent months, the flames have destroyed more than 56,000 square kilometers of the continent - an area larger than the size of Denmark. Experts estimate that almost half a billion animals died in the bushfires in the state of New South Wales alone. The world is freezed in shock. At the same time, people's everyday lives continue exactly as before. There is this general feeling of powerlessness, when the topic turns to climate change. The action of a small group of women now shows how you can make a difference with creative ideas, to obtain power in a world were profit is the only motivation to act. The female sex workers started rewarding people with nude pictures for donating to organizations protecting Australias wildlife

TITLE explains why this action not only shows the level of desperation of our situation, but also a legitimate way for female sex workers to empower themselves and others within patriarchal structures.

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It all started with the idea of Kaylen Ward. The 20-year-old model and online sex worker tweeted last Friday: “I’m sending nudes to every person who donates at least $10 to any one of these fundraisers for the wildfires in Australia”. She sends her picture to anyone giving her proof that they have donated to bushfire relief groups. Within no time so many people responded to her call, she put together a team helping her verify the proof. Soon other girls started following her example.

With this charity campaign they reap not only donations but above all criticism. Hate comments title the action as tasteless and cheap. Kaylen herself prevails over this. On twitter she says: ‘’My IG got deactivated, my family disowned me, and the guy I like won’t talk to me all because of that tweet. But fuck it, save the koalas.”

Especially on the platform Instagram it is not the first time that sex workers are attacked. Instagram's guidelines are strict and conservative. Self-employed sex workers have been discriminated against by the network all along. Their existences are trying to be made invisible, whether their context is sexual or not. So, how much does the criticism weigh, in a space where a prudish Instagram dictates the values?

According to the sums collected: not that much. Kaylen says, she alone has raised $700,000. This shows how many people participate this campaign in line with terms and conditions. Other girls such as OnlyFans model Emmy Corinne and Jenna Lee, an erotic model, gained five-figure-sums as well.


These figures are not only a nice confirmation of the esteem in which the women are held, but are also empowering for woman in general. They have found a creative way to make themselves heard and gain influence at the expense of patriarchy. Even if it may seem paradoxical at first sight, the superficial nude picture became a powerful tool to gain a voice. Not to mention, all for a good cause.

The superficiality cannot be blamed on the women, but rather on those who let themselves be guided by it. These young women are above all a reflection of our society. They have understood how to move people. Even if the means not being understood by everyone. They are efficient. If instead of nude pictures they had simply posted a text on Instagram and shared links to donation pages in their story, as so many others did, they certainly would not have reached $700,000 within a week. As we learned from Notre Dame, when people have an emotional incentive or personal benefit to donate, suddenly there is enough money and solutions for every problem.

I am a woman. I am a feminist. I love my body and only I decide what to do with it. It doesn't matter what other people think about it, all that matters is how I feel about it. So personally, I was pleased to follow this campaign and hope that people understand how well thought out this action was and who is actually being ridiculed here. Fingers crossed, they collect enough to really save the koalas.

If you want to help here is a list of organizations you can donate to:

WIRES: Australia's largest wildlife rescue organization, is accepting donations to fund the rescue and care of animals affected by the fires. Donate at

Fire departments: Victoria and New South Wales are two of the states hardest hit by the blazes, you can donate directly to the state fire authority or to a local fire brigade, many of which are volunteer-based. Donate at

Australian Red Cross: Since July, the Australian Red Cross has assisted more than 18,600 people affected by the fires, according to its website. The organization says that it is currently supporting thousands of people in evacuation centers and recovery hubs. Learn more about where your money goes and donate at