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Gucci Beauty: Imperfect perfection

May 6, 2020 11:44

For centuries, make-up and beauty articles have been used to embellish the facial features of an individual, to highlight certain regions and to conceal other parts in order to come as close as possible to the common ideal of beauty. Whether the heart-shaped kiss mouth paired with glamorous water waves of the 20s (the 20s without corona). Narrow plucked eyebrows à la Marlene Dietrich or the most dramatic eyeliner of a Marylin Monroe. Through the decades always changing beauty ideals showed up. While in the 70s disco fever tanned skin was a must in order to separate oneself from a pale and boring mass with colorful eyeshadow artworks, in the 90s naturalness was considered highest priority in the beauty world. The nude look came with a little gloss around the lips and put a temporary end to all experiments of previous decades. Today, almost 20 years later, only one rule has emerged: Anything you like goes. Whether copying certain styles or creating a new style by combining different elements. Today, when I sit in a subway in one of our metropolis of the world, all kinds of people sit opposite me. - If 20 years ago this was mainly expressed in clothing, today it is also more and more reflected through make-up.

True identity in our sense is the core of our soul, our drive and our goal. Everyone can share and communicate it with the world through different languages. Together with Gucci Beauty, we at TITLE have chosen to show that we are much more than just the pursuit of an ideal of beauty. Not only we but also the product can do much more than just beautify us in a classical sense.

We are wild, rough and only perfect when we feel whole without running for perfection.
And yes, when we eat spaghetti with tomato sauce, our lipstick smears and when we cry, the mascara runs, but we are all that and we are free to show it without falling out of a concept.

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